A Deep Dive Into MANN-FILTER Air Oil Separators

Commercial vehicle owners understand the importance of maintaining their fleets to ensure smooth and efficient operations. One essential component that deserves attention is the MANN-FILTER Air Oil Separator. In this article, we will explore how MANN-FILTER air oil separators work and their benefits to commercial vehicle owners.

Understanding Air Oil Separators Air oil separators are crucial components in internal combustion engines, especially those found in commercial vehicles. They remove oil droplets from the crankcase ventilation system, preventing them from entering the intake system and causing damage to the engine. By effectively separating oil droplets from the air, air oil separators contribute to reduced oil consumption, decreased exhaust emissions, and improved engine performance.

How does MANN-FILTER Air Oil Separators Work?

MANN-FILTER Air Oil Separators

MANN-FILTER’s air oil separators feature advanced technology that’s designed to provide optimal performance and reliability. The separators utilize a multi-stage separation process, ensuring efficient oil separation while minimizing pressure loss. The stages include:

Pre-Separation: In this stage, the incoming airflow laden with oil droplets enters the air oil separator. Larger oil droplets are separated by the centrifugal force generated by the airflow’s swirling motion. These droplets then accumulate on the separator’s walls and drain back into the oil sump.

Coalescence: Smaller oil droplets are more challenging to separate. MANN-FILTER air oil separators use coalescing elements made of high-quality filter media that cause the smaller droplets to collide and merge, forming larger droplets. This process significantly improves the efficiency of oil separation.

Fine Separation: The final stage in the separation process involves the fine separation of any remaining oil droplets. MANN-FILTER air oil separators use a fine filter media that captures these remaining droplets, allowing only clean air to pass through and return to the intake system.

MANN-FILTER’s air oil separators provide numerous benefits to commercial vehicle owners, including:

  • Improved Engine Performance
  • Reduced Oil Consumption
  • Lower Exhaust Emissions
  • Extended Service Intervals
  • Reliable Operation


MANN-FILTER air oil separators are an excellent investment for commercial vehicle owners looking to improve engine performance, reduce oil consumption, and lower maintenance costs. Check with our sales professional for more info on filters.

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