5 Truck Control Arm Bushing Symptoms

You may have experience something not right while driving down the road today. That’s why you are reading this article. Let’s go through the top 5 truck control arm bushing symptoms together, shall we?

By now, you already know that the control arm bushing function to gives your vehicle stability in the suspension. Depending on the suspension type, bushing can sometimes be found installed in the rear instead of the front. It is usually fitted on the truck frame side. However, over time, the bushing function may degrade and symptoms starts to appear.

The more common control arm bushing symptoms is losing the stability to drive at a higher speed along with vibrating steering wheel. All these combine causes fatigue in driver and is pose a safety hazard on the road.

Below shows the more detailed information of control arm bushing symptoms.

5 Truck Control Arm Bushing Symptoms

Control Arm Bushing Symptoms

1 – Stability Level Drop

If the control arm don’t function like it should, you will experience a stark decrease in stability while driving – even on an even road. This is because the control arm bushing which is holding the control arm starts to “give way”. You may hear noise while driving, this is especially clear when you trying to make a turn. This overall affect the driving experience.

2 – Uneven Tire Wear

The control arm bushing keeps both metal sleeves intact, but over time, the sleeves get worn out. They move and vibrate when the vehicle start moving. Since it is connected to the wheels, it can obstruct the wheel. This means they have lesser surface contact with the road and lead to uneven wear of the tire.

3 – Steering Vibrate

When your steering vibrate or shake, this is largely due to the fact that the truck control arm bushing is not holding the wheel in the place it should be. This tend to cause the truck to jitter when braking.

4 – Decrease In Braking Performance

While the control arm bushings have no direct relation to the truck’s braking system, they indirectly influence the braking of the truck. If the control arm bushings become worn, braking will be affected and can been felt when the truck bounces back and forth while braking.

The force can directly or indirectly causes more problem in the future due to the unnecessary vibration caused. This can result in bolts and nuts or other similar small components to become loose.

5 – Steering Wheel Vibrates

Do not get mistaken to the point 2 above.

When the control arm bushing get worn over time, it can cause steering wheel to vibrates. This is because the steering wheel is connected to the wheels. The wheels are then connected to the suspension via the control arm. So this creates the steering wheel vibrates experience when the control arm bushing goes arwy.

Control Arm Bushing Replacement Cost

Depending on the make or model to the parts used, the average control arm bushing replacement cost can range from $100 to $650. Take this figure as a guide. You’ll have to do your own diligence.

You can check out control arm bushing prices here.

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