European Truck Parts | 3 Points To Look Out For

When it comes to selecting or buying European truck parts, there are a few things that one need to consider. See, the difference between finding a great commercial vehicle parts dealer and a not so great one can be significant. This means, there might be additional cost and downtime should there be any friction in between.

European Truck Parts

When you are new to European truck parts business or just getting started on your own, follow the steps below.

OEM Or Aftermarket European Truck Parts?

Whether you need aftermarket spares for European trucks or OEM parts, it’s very important to know which one is the right one for your truck. 

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) are parts that are made to the exact specs of your vehicle. This means they are the same exact parts when it was assembled brand new. You will pay a little more but you can rest assured that you are using the very best parts. There will be less repair and maintenance cost in the long run.

On the other hand, if you want a cheaper option, choose aftermarket European truck parts . You can think of them as replacements. They may not be as good as high-quality, but they will be cheaper and might not last long.

Check Prices Off And Online

Most people in this space know that prices for parts are competitive. While one might be tempted to buy aftermarket because of the reduced price, but it is highly recommended to shop around before buying.

You can easily check parts online from marketplaces like ebay and online commercial vehicle store. All these can be your starting point when buying your parts. 

Have Wide Range Of Products

Another thing to look for is a good range of products. Unless they’re a small supplier specializing in one truck brand, they should have a wide range to choose from. Serious truck parts suppliers have plenty of gear in stock, making it easy for you to get what you need quickly.

When you are shopping around, find stores on or offline that have a wide range of products. This shows that they are not a fly by night company and that they know what they are doing. Not saying others won’t but this shows that they are serious commercial parts dealer. This make things easier for you to get what you want or need quickly. 

On the other hand, what if they have a smaller range? You’ll have to ask if they could source the parts quickly. At the end of the day, time is money. You cannot afford long period of downtime. One of the tips to minimize downtime is to buy a few spares for standby. 

For example, you can buy diesel truck filters which you can keep and filters are something that need to change regularly. 

Buy From Reputable Dealers

Next, buy from reputable dealers.

If you choose the wrong truck parts supplier, issues like long delays or parts that they indicate in stock only to find out that they don’t. The most common frustrations is the sales person or the person you communicate with do not have specific knowledge of your truck brand to properly advise you on the right or alternate parts to buy.

These all quickly add up to cost and downtime. 

But how do you know which one is reputable and which one isn’t? 

Look at their how long they are in business. Check any third party reviews or article talking about them. Reviews are things that you can check on as well. These are all some of the resources that you can gather to decide if you initiate the communication with them.

We at Kian Chue Hwa is in the business for over 50 decades and have our own warehouse facility to store parts. 

Ultimately, finding a European truck parts supplier you trust is going to save you money and time in the future.

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