Frasle Brake Linings Pads Singapore Dealer

Since 1954, Frasle has always prioritized technological developments and has been marked by its bold thinking and acting ahead of its own time. They takes pride in offering products that are constantly evolving in order to meet the needs of the global market for more than 60 years.

Frasler Brake Linings Pads Singapore Dealer

Frasle relies on highly specialize professionals who work on the development of new products. One of the largest Research & Development Centers in Latin America has three laboratories and uses advanced tools to make parts, tests and simulations. The company has a Technological Center with a wide laboratory and tracks with different types of pavement that can be used for different tests types.

With plants in Brazil, United States, Argentina, Uruguay, India and China, and with more than 14,000 references, Frasle pursues, in technology, excellence and safety for its products. Aligned with its business segment, Frasle is part of the Randon Group, that offer solutions for products and services for the automotive segment.

To ensure the quality and high performance of its friction materials, Frasle invests heavily in precision processes.

Their commercial vehicles brake linings guarantee

  • High performance and durability
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Low aggressiveness to the drum
  • Excellent compatibility with the brake drum
  • Resistant to severe temperature conditions
  • Safe braking

Frasle Brake Linings Pads Singapore Dealer

It is easy to see why most choose to buy their brake lining pads from Frasle.

If you are looking to buy authentic Frasle Brake Lining Pads bearing, you have come to the right place.

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