5 Signs Of A Clogged Fuel Filter Replacement Cost

As we already know the function of a fuel filter. Prolong use of fuel filter will result in reduce performance in our commercial vehicle. In this post, we will go through the 5 common signs / symptoms of a clogged or bad fuel filter and the fuel filter replacement cost.

Do you know that you may be able to drive up to 30K miles before you ever need to change your fuel filter. This differs from country and terrain. However, the change interval can be longer for newer commercial vehicles. After that, you need to change as it becomes clogged. When this happens, it need to be replace immediately.

#1 Fuel Filter Symptom – Difficulty Starting My Vehicle

The very first symptom you might notice is that you find it difficult starting your vehicle or you find it “not-so-smooth” as before when starting. This signal that your filter is clogged and need a replacement. If the filter get clogged, you may find it difficult to start your vehicle if the fuel pressure gets too low.

#2 Fuel Filter Symptom – Misfires

You should consider checking your fuel filter when you feel that your engine randomly acting weird on you when you step on the gas pedal. This signal that there is a good amount of dirt being trap inside the filter.

Any degree of blockage will prevent normal flow of gas and that lead to reduce performance (unusual combustion) and the reduction of vehicle power and reaction. In addition to that, the engine are prone to misfire when accelerating. When this happen, an immediate change is required.

#3 Fuel Filter Symptom – Engine Stalling

When this happen, it poses great danger not only to the driver but on the road. And this happens when you find that your engine stall suddenly with no signal before hand. This means that engine stops turning (RPM) is greatly reduce while you are on the road. When a clogged filter does that to the engine, it will cause the engine to stop functioning. So to prevent that to happen, check your fuel filter often.

#4 Fuel Filter Symptom – Check Engine Light On

While this is common sense, sometimes we miss that out as drivers. So checking the engine light on your dashboard is the next action we can take. While we all know that the light that come on can be due to several reasons, a bad fuel filter can trigger it. This means you will need to drive to your nearby garage or workshop to have it diagnose.

#5 Fuel Filter Symptom – Smell Of Fuel

If for whatever reasons that you smell fuel inside your cabin that is like the smell when you are at a gas station, chances are there might be a fuel leak somewhere. But before you get all panic, check if your oil or gas cap is tighten. If you are sure that your it is tighten then the smell could be coming from a fuel leakage.

The more common cause of it include a leak from a bad fuel line, fuel injector, gas tank or a broken spark plug. A bad fuel filter might be the reason as well. Whichever the case, it is best to drive to a garage nearby to have your vehicle checked.

Fuel Filter Replacement Cost

By now, we already know that while fuel filter is a component can last very long (estimate around 1 year), it require frequent maintenance. If left untreated, symptom will appear and it will reduce your vehicle performance. The fuel filter replacement cost averaging between $10 to $70 for most commercial vehicles.

If you are able to DIY yourself, you will save up on the labor or installation cost. On the other hand, if you drive to a garage, then you will need to add in the installation / labor cost.

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