How Often Do Clutches Need To Be Replaced

Thinking of having your clutch service or replaced? But don’t know how often do clutches need to be replaced? Then this article that you are reading now will provide you with the answers.

If you do not yet know, one of the shaft in the clutch is driven by a pulley or motor, while the other drives another device. When the clutch connect both together, they are locked together and spin at the same or different speed. 

This result in wear and tear. Depending on the road condition you are driving, clutches are designed to last 60,000 miles (give or take)before they need to be replaced.

How To Prolong Clutch Life

Check your brakes regularly – Brakes are like any other component of a vehicle; they don’t always work as well as they should, so it’s important to check them and get them serviced when necessary. Be careful around corners – When making a sharp corner, take your foot off the accelerator and leave the engine running to give you extra control.

Avoid heavy throttle control – When accelerating from a stop, keep the throttle pedal lightly depressed. This will help your truck accelerate smoothly.

Don’t use the clutch at higher RPMs – Use the clutch at lower RPMs so that it doesn’t wear out quickly.

Avoid hard starts – Avoid hard starting, as this will wear out your clutch and transmission.

Don’t accelerate before the gear is engaged – When changing gear, make sure your clutch is fully released and the gear is engaged before accelerating.

When changing gear – make sure your clutch is fully released and the gear is engaged before accelerating.

Don’t take your foot off the accelerator – The only time you should lift your foot from the accelerator is when slowing down or stopping.

Practice braking early and smooth – If you can see the brake lights in front of you, you’re too close.

Does Holding The Clutch Down Damage It?

How Often Do Clutches Need To Be Replaced

It’s important to keep your clutch pedal fully depressed and resting your foot on the pedal means that your clutch is not fully engaged. This can cause slippage with your clutch disc and wear down your clutch. Try and avoid getting into this habit as much as possible.

How Does Clutch Burn Out?

Clutch burn out is mainly due to the excessive heat that is generated from a slipping clutch or the smell of a slipping clutch disc against the flywheel. 

How Much To Replace A Clutch?

The price of clutch replacement varies from $350 to $650. As always, do your own price analysis before heading to the mechanic or buy parts online.

Own a fleet, you can contact us for clutch pricing. 

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