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Founded in Germany in 1965, the firm employs 6,500 employees globally and currently boasts of over 1,000 patents for clutch inventions. 

Every second automobile manufactured in Germany and every third in the world is equipped with LuK clutch technology. Part of the international Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Group, LuK supplies systems and components for the modern automobile’s powertrain to customers all around the world and is well known for its high standards in technology, quality and service.


The LuK brand is synonymous with innovation, unsurpassed customer orientation and outstanding quality. Its parts can be found in many automotive as OEM parts. Every year, LuK manufactures more than 12 million clutches for automobile and tractor makers. They supply clutches as original equipment to Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Nissan, Renault, Volkswagen, Peugeot and others. In addition, they make dual-mass flywheels and “Lock Up” systems. 

The company’s production facilities work with high-precision, updated machinery to manufacture their products. The quality checking for performance and dimension are done at various levels to ensure outstanding quality and exact fitment. The brand’s research and development professionals are working towards building parts that improve riding comfort and performance of the vehicles they are fitted in.

Being a pioneer in developing various experimental clutch designs, the company is now focused on developing clutches for future hybrid vehicles. In addition, it has also implemented a number of upgrades to its traditional clutch systems.

Luk Clutch Parts Dealer

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