Type Of MAHLE Filter Media

MAHLE filter media is MAHLE’s filter program where it consist either non woven materials, specially treated papers or multilayer filter media. In this post, you will learn about these 3 different types.

Filters Made From Paper

mahle filter media
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The paper for our filters is made from high-grade cellulose fibers impregnated with special resins. These materials are treated in a special production process: special pre-warming prepares the paper for the embossing of vertical ridges. Afterwards, the paper is folded according to requirements. Then the impregnation is cured to make the paper mechanically stable and to make it resistant to chemical and thermal influences. The result: filters with stable pleat geometry that prevent the feared forming of blocks under high load and ensure that air, oil or fuel can flow freely through the paper at all times. The filters can remove particles as small as 1 micron, depending on the requirements, and offer safe conditions for highest contaminant elimination.

Filters made from paper are used in air, fuel, oil and hydraulic filters.

Source: MAHLE Aftermarket North America | Our filter media is catching almost everything (mahle-aftermarket.com)

Filter Non-Woven Materials

Non-woven materials, on the other hand, consist of plastic fibers with thicknesses in the micron range: the finer the fibers, the better the separation. The non-woven materials are applied in layers in which the density and fineness of the fibers increase from the dirt side to the clean side. This so-called funnel effect allows efficiencies of up to 99.9 percent with low flow resistance at the same time.

For some years now fleece has been used for cabin filters as well as for new developments in the oil filter sector. Recently, fleece is also increasingly being used in air filters – with the advantage of up to 40 percent increase in filter performance and a longer service life. Fleece is also being used increasingly in fuel filters, mostly combined with stabilizing base paper.

Source: MAHLE Aftermarket North America | Our filter media is catching almost everything (mahle-aftermarket.com)

Multilayer Filter Media

These are combinations of non-woven materials and paper that have been fused in a complex production process. Compared to conventional paper filters, these filters eliminate up to 40 percent more contaminants, with particle sizes as small as 3 to 5 microns.

Multilayer filter media are used for modern diesel fuel injection systems (in turbo diesel direct injection, common rail or pump injector technology).

Source: MAHLE Aftermarket North America | Our filter media is catching almost everything (mahle-aftermarket.com)

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