MAHLE Fuel Filters

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By now, you’ve already know that MAHLE fuel filters reliably remove contaminants. All thanks to the high quality filter media MAHLE have. The fuel system is protected and therefore corrosion damage is at its minimum. This translate to efficient operation of the vehicle.

From MAHLE site,

Pulsation damping compensates for the pressure fluctuations caused by the fuel pump. Our fuel filters comply with the correspondingly high safety standards of the automobile manufacturers and ensure secure sealing even in the event of accidents.

However, an important consideration for optimum functioning of fuel filters is that filters are replaced within the maintenance intervals stipulated by the automobile manufacturers.

The Function Of MAHLE Diesel Fuel Filters

In order to prevent paraffin separation and clogging of the filter at low ambient temperatures, pre-warming with electric heating elements or recirculation of fuel that has been warmed by the engine is used in our fuel filters.

For newer generations with even higher requirements, MAHLE has opted for two separate filter stages during water separation.

The first filter phase consists of a cellulose filter medium with an untreated melt-blown contact surface for increasing the contaminant absorption capacity. This melt-blown contact surface optimally causes the many small droplets to coalesce into larger ones. The particulate filter in the shape of a pleated star even agglomerates the finest water droplets.

The second filter phase consists of a water separator, whose hydrophobic fabric with a mesh width of 25 µm divides the barely stable emulsion, thus separating the water. As this occurs on the clean side of the filter, it is referred to as clean-side water separation.

Source: MAHLE Aftermarket North America | MAHLE fuel filters—we take care of any dirt left over (

Spin On Fuel Filter

MAHLE fuel filter module with spin-on fuel filter

Spin-on fuel filters are designed for fast and easy replacement. Depending on their type, they are supplied with a thread to connect a water drain plug or water level sensor. For replaceable filter elements, only the dirty filter cartridge is replaced. These filter elements are also available in versions that can be completely incinerated easing the burden on the environment.

Source: MAHLE Aftermarket North America | MAHLE fuel filters—we take care of any dirt left over (

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