new WABCO Relay Emergency Valves 2022

wabco relay emergency valves

Now you can reduce installation time with the new WABCO Relay Emergency Valves. Want to learn more about new part number fitting, go to WABCO site here.

As we already know that WABCO is the leading global supplier of commercial vehicle technologies  that serve to make the industry leaner, greener, and safer for over 150 years. From concepts to finished products and beyond, they have been developing innovative systems to make vehicles safer and easier to control since 1869.

And now, they introduce the new WABCO relay emergency valve that reduces installation time. Their new REV enables control a dual-Line air brake system for ABS, EBS and Non-ABS version in trailer vehicles.

Quoted from their site:

  • Relay function – allows to brake the trailer based on control pressure from tractor.
  • Emergency function – automatically applies full trailer reservoir air pressure to the trailer brake chambers when the trailer supply pressure falls below 3,2 bar
  • Predominance function (for non–EBS application)  enable adjust of delivery pressure to be higher than the control pressure in the range 0 up to 0.7 bar.

Not only that, the new WABCO Relay Emergency Valves also,

  • Complies to ECE R13 brake system regulations
  • Comes with 3, 4 ,6 delivery ports and configuration of Add on valves (TRV/LSV) meeting majority of market application of trailer builders and agriculture market
  • Default Silencer decreases noise level of all valves advancing market regulation and for the 3 port already meeting ECE R51 norm
  • Predominance feature for each variant apart from variants dedicated to complying with EBS
  • Simplified installation thanks to brass or push in (composite) fittings as well as down worded port sizes (unified delivery ports -16×1.5mm)

To find the existing part number and new part number without fitting or with brass fitting or integrated composite fitting, click here.

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