OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts | Truck Bus Edition

At some point in your driving career, you will probably need to replace some of the component. While it seem logical to have a pro do it for you, but the type of parts the shop use to repair will determine the cost. 

At this point there are 2 options, which is original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Parts and aftermarket parts. Both types of parts are suitable for repairing your vehicle. In this article we will go learn the differences between OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts

OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts

OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts

OEM parts are usually made by manufacturer while aftermarket parts are made by 3rd party company. Usually OEM parts are more expensive and aftermarket parts are price lower. Aftermarket parts tend to fit most trucks or buses, OEM parts fit in nicely.


OEM parts are made by the manufacturer’s factory. Because of this, the parts tend to fit perfectly.

Aftermarket parts are often manufactured by a 3rd party company other than the vehicle manufacturer.


The dealer or the professional will likely to use OEM parts. This will cost more money as compare to aftermarket. When you opt for the aftermarket parts, they tend to be lower than OEM. Whether OEM or aftermarket parts it is depend on the driver themselves to choose or the professional advice. 


You already know that aftermarket parts fit most vehicles, and that the original equipment manufacturer fits most vehicles. It is possible to make and produce aftermarket parts at high volume for certain types of vehicles. It’s up to the driver to choose between aftermarket parts and original equipment parts.

Is OEM or Aftermarket Parts Right for You?

Most think that the next closest thing to geninue parts is OEM because they come straight from the bus or truck manufacturer, but are these the parts you want to buy?

In fact, it comes down to personal preference. Most people who want piece of mind, choose OEM while the other who are price conscious goes for aftermarket parts.

There are no right or wrong, yes or no. It depend on you – the driver. At the end, we only want our bus, truck or semi to be fixed so we can be on road again. If you are not at all picky, you can go with aftermarket parts. If you prefer the comfort of having parts made specifically for your vehicle and don’t mind the extra, go with OEM parts.

Do you know that Kian Chue Hwa carries not only genuine commercial vehicle parts, we carries OEM and aftermarket parts as well. 

If you are at a cross road of not knowing how and what to choose, comment below with your details or contact our sales on this page. 

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