Semi Truck Filters Brand

Different types of semi truck filters keep your vehicle or fleet running smoothly.

Air filters, oil filters, and fuel filters all play vital roles in the health and efficiency of trucks. The air filter helps to protect your engine by preventing harmful contaminants and debris from entering and damaging. They last about 20,000 miles before needing to be replaced. These numbers varies among manufacturers and a regular checkup prevent major problem occur.

Oil filters help you keep your engine running smoothly, and prevent your engine from needing an oil change.

Fuel filters sense the level of fuel and remove any extra water that could cause problems for the engine.

These filters are critical for truck engine health and keep the engine’s heart running smoothly for as long as possible.

semi truck filters

Semi Truck Filters Brand

At KCH, we carries various brands of filters like

  • DT
  • KS

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