Singapore Temot Shareholder – Kian Chue Hwa

Kian Chue Hwa is a shareholder of TEMOT International in Singapore. TEMOT International is one of the largest international networks of distributors specializing in the distribution of spare parts for automotive and industrial vehicles.

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Singapore Temot Shareholder

Singapore Temot shareholder

Just a few weeks after TEMOT’s first Asia Pacific Executive Summit, TEMOT International again underscored its ambitions to rank among the most important international trading groups in the dynamically growing APAC region: With Kian Chue Hwa (Industries) Pte. Ltd., TEMOT welcomed one of the region’s leading aftermarket distributors to its network.

Founded in 1976, Kian Chue Hwa (KCH) belongs to the leading distributors of spare parts for commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, marine and industrial applications in the APAC markets. Headquartered in Singapore with its parent company Kian Ann Engineering Pte. Ltd., KCH also operates branches in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand. Its distribution network is wide-spread and covers more than 30 countries on five continents.

The group’s warehouses offer a capacity of 24,000 square meters (301,389 square feet) and are supported by a robust warehousing system to safeguard fast and reliable delivery. The company stocks products from well-known international aftermarket brands and offers replacement parts for engines, transmission, suspension, axles and steering as well as for cooling and braking systems, among others.

Fotios Katsardis, president and CEO of TEMOT International, said, “We are proud to welcome Kian Chue Hwa to our network. In the commercial vehicle and off-road segment, KCH has grown to become one of the most reputed regional full-range suppliers. The company shares our ambition, drive and ability to grow even further in the APAC region. We are looking forward to shaping a great future together!”

Becoming Singapore Temot shareholder is one of Kian Chue Hwa milestone. This solidify further in the parts support in and around the region. If you are looking for aftermarket support in Asia region, you are welcome to contact us and one of our sales rep will get in touch with you.

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