Truck Clutch Replacement Guide

It is not surprising that the clutch in your truck will wear out over time. Depending on the kind of driving and terrain you do, you will find that your clutch need to replace sooner than later.

Truck clutch replacement cost in itself is not expensive. The labor that comes with it are. At point of writing, the truck replacement cost is between $1000 and $5000 which includes labor and new parts. Do take this price as a guide. 

If you DIY truck clutch, you can save up the labour costing. Like other replacement job, you will need to have the right equipment or tool to do the job. If the clutch is installed improperly, it could lead to accident or bigger issue in future. 

Truck Clutch Replacement

Factors in the Cost of a Truck Clutch Replacement

The cost of your truck clutch replacement can be determined by a number of factors. The price of the part can vary depending on the manufacturer. The cost of the part is determined by the brand of truck you own and the clutch model you need.

OEM Vs. Aftermarket Parts

The vendor in which you purchase your truck clutch from will affect the price as well. If you buy the clutch online, you may pay less  or more than if you purchase it from a dealership. As a rule of thumb, shop around. Typically, OEM truck parts are going to be the best because they are designed specifically for your model. But they are going to be more expensive as compare to aftermarket parts. 

Type of Truck Transmission

The type of truck transmission is another factor that will determine the price you pay for your clutch. Auto transmission are usually more expensive than the manual one. If you do not know yet, auto transmission clutches can start from $1500 while the manual ones are price between $650 to $1200 (at point of writing this article). However, depending on the brand you choose, some brands are a little more cheaper or expensive than the other. 

Check out truck parts brands online.

Mechanic Pricing

The third factor that can possibly affect your truck clutch replacement cost is who does the actual work for you. While most mechanics set their own rates, you need not settle the first one you talk to. Shop and ask around and you will quickly find out the same brand replacement cost will varies. 

One thing to note that there are 2 types of mechanics. The independent mechanic and the mechanic at the dealership. Both charge differently. So do your own home. The rule of thumb is to find someone whom has the right experience changing your brand or model of your truck. Otherwise, a cheap clutch replacement could turn into a more expensive major repair in future.

Signs of a Failing Truck Clutch

If your truck clutch fails entirely, it could cause a possible accident while driving on the road. For this reason, you, as a driver need to spot signs that your clutch is failing. The first and most obvious sign is slipping. When the friction is worn out, there is no or less friction between the pressure plate and flywheel to engage the clutch or keep it engaged while you are in the gear. 

If the clutch disengage quickly or disengage without any input from you, this is the sign that your clutch need to be replaced soon. Slipping truck clutch is a big issue that will cause accident while driving. 

If you are having trouble in disengaging the clutch while the pedal is press, this is an indication that the cable, hydraulic or rod is failing. This is another tell tale sign that it need to get your mechanic attention. 

If there is a burnt smell when shifting gears, this is another sign of failing truck clutch. It is better to have your truck full inspect by the professional.

Can I Drive A Worn OutTruck Clutch?

While technically possible, the performance and safety of your truck is not. It also creates a road hazard for other vehicles on the road because you will be unable or having trouble changing gears.

In addition to the issues you’re likely to encounter, a worn clutch can damage other parts if you continue to drive with it.

If a clutch slip happens, it will cause a lot of friction between the flywheel and the clutch plate, which will cause the clutch plate to wear down.

The cost of installing a new flywheel is similar to the cost of replacing a truck clutch, but since both parts will need repair or replacement, you will end up paying more than necessary. Paying attention to your clutch will save you money in the short and long term.

DIY Cost Vs. Dealer-Installed Cost

If you’re able to replace your own truck clutch (DIY), you might be able to save about half what you would pay to have someone install one. If the average truck clutch replacement cost about $2,500, you can expect that the clutch assembly cost about $1,250 and the installation cost you about $1,250. 

This is just an estimate, though. Do your own homework before deciding.

The truck clutch is a critical component of your truck, and without it, you won’t get very far. To save yourself money and hassle in the long run, get it replaced at the first sign of failure.

If you are looking to buy either for DIY or buy for your mechanic to install, contact our sales team to help you choose the right one for your truck.

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