3 Signs To Change Your Truck Shock Absorbers

If you ever drove a truck before, you will know how truck shock absorbers are one of the most crucial components of a truck’s suspension system. They play many important functions like

  • Maintaining tire-to-road contact
  • Protecting springs and airbags from wear and tear
  • Helping reduce wear and tear to other suspension components

Without a workable shocks, truckers ride are in for a bumpy ride, while fleet owners and commercial vehicle operators face higher operating expenses.

Truck Shock Absorbers

Do you know that truck shock absorbers should be replaced about every 150,000 miles on commercial vehicles?

However, due to some extreme conditions or unexpected road conditions, some may need to replace their shocks sooner than later. But how do we know when is the right time to replace your truck’s shock?

Well, in this article, we will go over 3 common telltale signs that you should watch out for. So, let’s start with the first one.

Uneven Tire Wear

Your truck’s shocks can affect its road-holding ability, which may cause excessive bouncing of the wheels and accelerate tire wear. These excessive bouncing patterns usually indicate a need for a truck shock absorber replacement.

A worn like this can also cause a loss of power to control the truck when driving. This loss of control can be dangerous, so it is important to replace any worn shocks as soon as possible to prevent a crash.

Inspect your truck’s tires for unusual patterns, such as cupping or scalloping regularly, because these can usually be traced back to a shock absorber issue that needs attention.

Knocking Sounds

How truck shock absorbers work is by dampening the vibration through the bushing which are used to keep them in place. When you have a worn-out bushing, they will produce knocking sounds. These sounds will become more noticeable by the driver when the truck drive over uneven roads or bumps. While the knocking sound may not be 100% due to the truck shock absorber, it pays to do a thorough inspection of your truck’s suspension system.

You can start by checking the ball joints, tie bar or sway bar as damage to any of these parts can cause knocking sounds. If left uncheck, it will lead to more serious mechanical fault – including loss of steering control.

This poses a huge safety hazard to the driver.

Fluid Leaking from the Unit

As all truck owners knows that the shock absorbers are filled with oil. This ensure that their dampening ability is working at optimal. While the oil are sealed to ensure no leakage, it is normal to see a small amount of oil leaking. However, if you see oil leaking non-stop or an oily patch, this indicates a more serious problem. You should quickly replace your shocks.

The most common truck drivers would ask is “How to know if your truck has leaking shocks?”

Well the most common signs are tiring and uncomfortable rides – even for a short distance. When you feel or experience this, quickly drive to your favourite garage to have your truck inspect by a skilled mechanic. They will then advise you on what’s the next step you will need to take.

And if you think that you could just replace the faulty shock and not the rest, think again?

Ideally, you should replace them all. Replacing a single or double shock is highly not recommended because it not only not improve your truck handling and drive experience, it worsen more.

What’s Next?

Now that you know all these common telltale signs, don’t you think it is a lot easier to spot it and decide if it’s the time to get a replacement shock absorbers?

But before you go all over to shop for OEM or aftermarket truck shock absorbers, remember these 3 common reason why shock start working weird.

  • Uneven driving experience even if road is even
  • Knocking noise that comes out from nowhere
  • Sudden excessive oil loss

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  1. Okay, I suppose you were right about how it’s the role of shock absorbers to maintain decent contact between our tires and the road. Still, this is something my uncle should examine when reaching out to an auto dealer soon. His truck might have some issues with its suspension system after he drove through an off-road last weekend.

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