How To Find The Best Truck Spare Parts Dealer

One of the more important thing to do when owning a truck or a fleet is maintenance. Without proper maintenance can result in time and financial losses for the company. The safety of the driver and those on the road are compromise. So it is important to find the best truck spare parts dealer to buy parts from.

In this post, let’s go through the important items that you need to consider when choosing a truck part dealer to work or buy parts from.

4 Points Checklist To Find Your Best Truck Spare Parts Dealer

truck spare parts dealer

Wide Range Of Inventory

You will want to find a part dealer whom carries wide range of parts that ranges from Genuine, OEM and Aftermarket. This gives you more options to choose from. You may also get unbiased recommendation from the person you talk to.

Quality and Authenticity

As the old saying goes “buying a vehicle is easy but maintaining is challenging”. So, never sacrifice on quality for cost saving. You’ll never know what happen on road. While some parts may cost a bit higher than the other, it also comes with safety and the quality that one is looking for. These parts also help improve efficiency and reduce downtime. One of the recommendation is to work with an appointed distributor or dealer of a certain brand.

After Sales Service

Regardless how many years you’ve been driving the truck for, it is always best to have some one who has the domain knowledge to give your prompt and timely professional advice or recommendation. Working with truck spare parts dealer whom provide excellent after sales service, goes a long way for you as their customer.

Genuine OEM or Aftermarket Parts

As mention above in the wide range of inventory, it is also important to understand these terms, so you know what they are and why you are paying. At Kian Chue Hwa, we carry Genuine, OEM and Aftermarket truck parts. If you would like to have a selection with different price range, get in touch with us or leave a message below.

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  1. I agree with what you said about how it’s better to find a part dealer that has a wide range of inventory, so we’ll have more options to choose from. My brother runs a moving company and based on his previous maintenance inspection, some of their trucks require replacement parts. I hope he finds a trusted dealer that sells quality truck equipment and parts soon.

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