Type Of Truck Spare Parts In Singapore

In this article, we will take a look at the type of truck spare parts in Singapore.

As we all know by now that sending your truck for repair or maintenance requires you to choose the type of spare parts like OEM/AFTERMARKET/GENINUE.

The question here is if there’s a part that need to be replace, which type would you choose?

There are three main types of parts offered by the store: original equipment, original manufacturer, and aftermarket.

While choosing the above mention different types boils down to own preferences, you should also be looking into quality and safety.

type of truck spare parts

Type Of Truck Spare Parts


Genuine parts, or OE parts, are parts that come in your originally manufactured truck. The originality of these truck brands is suggested by the fact that they come from the truck’s brand manufacturers. When this part was made by an external company, they were approved and guaranteed by the original manufacturer, and are still recognized as ‘genuine’. If you still have warranty that is valid, contact the manufacturer or dealership to find out how you are able to switch or replace the parts.


OEM parts are parts made by companies that were originally contracted to make parts for trucks made by the company. The making of OEM parts depends on a contract between a truck brand and an external company, agreeing that these parts can be sold independently. You get exactly what you pay for. Most OEM parts are much cheaper than their OE equivalents and have the same quality and reliability, however, not all parts of a truck are licensed to be sold independently.

Make sure to do the research before purchasing any OEM parts.

As for Aftermarket, these parts are made by companies that have bought the right to make them after the truck has been manufactured.

These parts are available from various countries and under different standards. You might use a different material, depending on the country you’re importing from.

This replacement part does not look exactly like the original part. However, it provides the same function as the original. Aftermarket parts may cost less, but that does not always mean they’re cheaper than original parts. It depends on the aftermarket part – whether it’s a quality aftermarket part or a cheap knockoff, or some other reason.

Which Type Of Truck Spare Parts Is The Best?

As genuine (OE) and (OEM) parts are more expensive, it is recommended that they be used for the truck’s diesel engine, transmissions, and steering to ensure the highest quality and reliability that lasts your vehicle longer. It’s better to use OEM parts for precision parts like gaskets, bolts, and brackets, because if they are not the exact same, there may be issues that could result in a wrong fit.

Aftermarket is the better choice for parts that require frequent replacement due to wear and tear. For example, brake drums, brake linings, clutches, and wheel bearings, because they are more cost effective.

If you are torn between GENINUE/OEM/AFTERMARKET TRUCK PARTS, contact our sales rep today. Have them guide and assist you in choosing the best types of truck spare parts for you.

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